Comedy First : (The New Yorker 2004)

"How Harold Ramis’s movies have stayed funny for twenty-five years."

Dizzying but invisible depth

"Once you start to understand how our modern devices work and how they’re created, it’s impossible to not be dizzy about the depth of everything that’s involved, and to not be in awe about the fact that they work at all, when Murphy’s law says that they simply shouldn’t possibly work."

Digging Graves The Old-Fashioned Way

"Talking with a lady the other day, and she said, ‘Everard, I want you to do my grave. … I don’t want to be put in no darned refrigerator.’ … I said, ‘Doris, I’ll be down there if it’s snowing, hail, sleet. You’ll be put in the ground.’"

"The french fry would become almost sacrosanct for me, its preparation a ritual to be followed religiously"

Review of “Grinding it Out” by Ray Kroc, co-founder of McDonald’s 

My Baby and AOL’s Bottom Line
What does Pussy Riot Mean Now?

I usually disregard just about anything on Buzzfeed out-of-hand, but I guess I’m going to have to stop doing that. This was a surprisingly good piece of long-form, investigative journalism. 



Lucius - Go Home. 

Currently in love with Lucius.

The album is one of the best of 2013, for sure.




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